What are Awls?

There are many different types of awls but these hand tools all have one thing in common, they are made with a sharp metal blade with a shaped end. Some have handled to make holding and using them easier and some donít the ones you choose will be those that suit you and your tooling needs best.

Many different jobs require the use of these punch tools. For example carpenters use awls, sail makers, those that sew other things as well not to mention artists. There are actually specific awls that can be used as a type of paper tool or paper punch and sewing awls for sewing and even special punches that are used when tooling leather.

Awls are not large tools but they are exceedingly handy ones. Donít get too caught up in the name of any awl as these names often overlap depending on the store, just look for one that is the right size to get the job done, and always look for those with a good awl grip, this can make all the difference when using this tool.

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