Types of Awls

Here are some of the more common types of awls:

Scratch awl

This is one of the most common types of awls and it is used to mark wood. It generally has a tapered point that can be used for both scratching and punching pilot holes.

Bookbinder’s Awls

Bookbinders generally use more than one single type of awl. One will be used to punch the holes in the paper for binding by sewing. And another for the lacing in to the thicker cardboard.

Scribe Awl

This type of awl has some similar functions to that of the scratch awl in that it to is used to mark materials. But this type of awl can be used to mark more than just wood, you can mark everything from metal to wood to textiles with this. It is often used to mark guides for sawing and cutting.

Bradawl or Pricker

This is a type of awl used for carpentry reasons and it has a beveled tip. It is often used to make pilot holes in different kinds of wood for screws and such.

Stitching Awl

These punch tools are used to punch round holes in leather, among other materials. The most common type of stitching awl will punch the holes so that the stitching can be put through the thick material that would be too hard to pierce otherwise. These types of awls can even make eyelets.

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